$ whoami

I’m Marco Mastropaolo: husband, father of two, food lover, living in Italy.

I like to spend time building fake things - I mean, software.

Most things I worked on are private. A selection of the rest:

  • Waking Violet - A videogame for Windows, MacOS, Nintendo Switch, Sony PS4 and PSVita, iPhone, iPad and AppleTV
  • MoonSharp - A Lua interpreter written in C# and ready to be embedded in applications and games
  • FSMSharp - Small finite state machine for .NET languages, written in C#, useful for UIs and games.

All views are mine, not my employer’s; and I often doubt if they are really mine, in any case.

If you need further details, that’s why I have a LinkedIn page

$ ping me

GitHub, Mastodon or LinkedIn.

As a last measure, go with email. It’s public because I don’t think I can receive more spam than I’m already; this doesn’t mean I will reply any faster than through the other means - actually it has more chances to get lost.

Don’t be afraid to contact me for anything, but don’t get offended if I takes ages to reply - I’m that lazy.