Download it here! [zip, version 0.2 - updated 19-Oct-2005]
Execute it from here! [IE only, version 0.2 - updated 19-Oct-2005]

What is YaSudoku?
YaSudoku is Yet Another Sudoku program, which gives you the possibility of playing Sudoku problems on your PC. In addition it allows you to play “Hex Sudoku” games, which are Sudoku problems using hexadecimal digits (0 to 9 and the letters from A to F) on a 16×16 grid.

What can it do?
With it you can (or will be able to, see development status) play 9×9 or 16×16 Sudoku games, automagically generated by the program. In addition it has a solver which solves problems in one shot or step by step, showing you the reason of each one of its moves. And you can input any Sudoku problem for it to solve. Final version will be available in English and Italian.

Development status
As now, YaSudoku is in very development (I just spent about 10 hours on it, so it’s still quite primitive). As now it still doesn’t give explanations about its moves, it has quite a primitive logic about resolution (it relies too much on backtracking) and doesn’t generate funny problems (often they are trivial or too difficult, having either too many solutions or requiring too much backtracking). However I count on being able to fix all these problems in a few days, so stay tuned.

YaSudoku is written in C#. As now it runs on Windows 98 and later, 2000 and later; with .NET Framework 1.0 or later installed. In a near future I will try to port it to Mono, with a focus on running on MacOS X, Linux and FreeBSD with JIT support.