ScummVM DS Patches

(Quick download links : .NDS builds or .DS.GBA builds, modified sources here)

I always loved playing old adventures (specially Day of the Tentacle). And playing them on the Nintendo DS is just fantastic.

I find ScummVM for Nintendo DS an awesome piece of work, but I hate some user interface things, so I’m providing patched versions for those issues. I’m also submitting those patches to Sourceforge (1913689, 1995893) and the first patches were accepted!

I’m slow on testing, so bug may arise; also I had to remove Mp3 support because I was missing libmad for nds.

To distinguish them from the main trunk I’m adding an MMPx suffix to the version number – I hope all patches will be accepted and integrated in some future however so it should be temporary.


See for instructions and thank him for releasing the official versions :).

Download links and history :

Changes in ScummVM/DS 0.11.1.MMP4 (.NDS builds or .DS.GBA builds):

  • All previous changes
  • Fixed a bug with mouse icon
  • Attempt to show mouse cursor on upper screen also when LCDs are swapped (sometimes it fails to be in the correct position but it covers most cases).

Changes in ScummVM/DS 0.11.1.MMP3 (.NDS builds or .DS.GBA builds):

  • All previous changes
  • ScummVM Build G (NDS only – for Lure of the Temptress… untested yet and the main site does not report it as working.. so state is unknown.)
  • Hover-only mouse option – this will simulate the job done by a mousepad on a laptop
  • Show cursor on aux screen – this will show the cursor on the secondary screen if the screens are not swapped (together with Hover-only, it provides an UI to ScummVM more similar to the classical one found on laptops).

Changes in ScummVM/DS 0.11.1.MMP1 (.NDS builds or .DS.GBA builds):

  • 100% fixed zoom option

Modified sources here.
Screenshots (ScummVM/DS 0.11.1.MMP1)

Sorry for the poor quality (taken with the phone camera…) :

Day of the tentacleDay of the tentacleLegend of Kyrandia 1Options screen