JBomb Applet

What is JBomb ?

JBomb is a little Java game I have written for an university exam in May 2000. This is an academic project, however you can still be able to reap some fun out of it. Also you have full sources and documentation, albeit in Italian.

JBomb Applet

You cannot run JBomb in an applet if your browser doesn’t support Java.

Click HERE to launch the applet…

Otherwise you can download the sources, or consult the javadocs of the project (in italian) or download this document about the program (italian, pdf).

Microsoft Internet Explorer compatibility issues

To have it suppor MSIE, some changes were made to the sources, before compiling&deploying the jar, to adapt them to the Microsoft JVM (which by default support only Java 1.1). First the use of LinkedList was removed using a ad-hoc replacement (EmulLinkedList, sources here). Then packages were removed, since apparently MS-JVM does not support them, though I’m pretty sure it was already a 1.1 feature.. maybe I’m doing something wrong, still I can’t believe I have to do so much work to support just a single JVM (albeit a so common JVM). It’s a shame MS has done a so poor JVM and, above all, that they’ve never updated it in so many years. In Windows 2000 you still have the same limits you had on Windows 95, and this is unbelievable.

Sources and program are licensed under the BSD license.

All code by Marco Mastropaolo (hey! that’s me! :D)
Graphics & Sprites by Andrea Dentis