.NET Type View

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.NET Type Viewer is a small program using reflection to inspect .NET modules.

In respect to many similar products available on the internet (freely or not) it’s quite awful, but has a feature which is missing from any other similar product I have found : .NET Type Viewer can open mixed mode DLLs, even when they are originating from a native project and even if their dependencies could not be solved for any reasons. So while this program is not so useful for C# and VB.NET only programmers, it can be a saving grace for programmers mixing native C++ code with .NET code, especially for those injecting .NET code in a native application through a mixed mode DLL – which is a total of about 1 programmer in the world and this is me ;)

As an example, this is a screenshot of .NET Type Viewer inspecting System.Drawing :

.NET Type Viewer inspecting System.Drawing

The program is available in a freeware license. As soon as I get the sources cleaned up (probably never) I’ll release them in a BSD license (they are about 500 lines of C# and C++).

Download !