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15 Jun

ScummVM DS Patches – version 3

(Quick download links : .NDS builds or .DS.GBA builds, modified sources here)

I’ve patched ScummVM DS once again..

See here for more details, versioning, how, why, what, which, who..

Changes in ScummVM/DS 0.11.1.MMP3 (.NDS builds or .DS.GBA builds):

  • All previous changes
  • ScummVM Build G (NDS only – for Lure of the Temptress… untested yet and the main site does not report it as working.. so state is unknown.)
  • Hover-only mouse option – this will simulate the job done by a mousepad on a laptop
  • Show cursor on aux screen – this will show the cursor on the secondary screen if the screens are not swapped (together with Hover-only, it provides an UI to ScummVM more similar to the classical one found on laptops).

Now I have to go.. Kyrandia needs my help ;)

30 Jan

andLinux Installation Troubleshooting

Check out this screenshot :

andLinux screenshot

It’s andLinux, a Linux distribution based on Kubuntu 6.10 with a coLinux kernel which runs under any Windows NT (here in Windows XP SP2 with Zune Theme, running KDevelop, Konsole and Synaptic, alongside with Firefox for Windows, Excel 2007 and Adobe Photoshop CS). What’s cool is that unlike virtualization solutions, its kernel runs on real CPU hardware (albeit limited to 1 core). And unlike CygWin/X is not an abandoned project and it runs Linux x86 binaries without recompiling.

It’s cool and performance seems to be good, albeit memory constrained. Integration between Windows and Linux environments is very high. Check it out and take into account Topologilinux, a Slackware+coLinux distribution.

On a side note I had problems during installation with a batch file running forever without any result.

I took these steps to have it working (it may break your system, don’t bother me if it does) :

  • Ctrl-C and terminate batch job
  • Reboot
  • Install WinPCap manually
  • Go to C:\andLinux\netdriver and copy andLinux.cmd in hackedandLinux.cmd
  • Edit hackedandLinux.cmd as this :
    • Delete all the lines before “SET REGKEY=%%G”
    • Replace %%G with %REGKEY% in all the file
    • Search the registry (using regedit) for TAP-Win32 until you find a key named NetCfgInstanceId containing a GUID. Copy the GUID in the clipboard.
    • Edit the first line of the batch file so that it reads SET REGKEY={4AD26856-00D4-499B-AF61-A9B39B540131} (put your GUID instead of mine!!!!)
  • Run the batch file
  • Restart the andLinux service and eventually the DNS Bonjour service (I restarted it, I don’t know if it’s part of andLinux though) – or reboot if in doubt!
  • Enjoy !

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