I’ve this “small” problem with Vista.. on my laptop (and judging from the internet forums, on many other laptops :)) Aero is laggy and slow, specially in scrolling in Firefox or selecting in Excel or typing in Notepad++.

It is said the new drivers from nVidia solve this issue but they don’t install on all notebook models — I doubt it, I’ve tried too many drivers :(

Anyway a strange thing happens.. after a few cycles from Aero-Basic-Aero-Basic etc, Aero gets speedy! This is quite random and it gets boring.. also is not a solution of course. Also cycling can break your aero.. so it’s basically a dice throw. Not very useful but interesting to play around.

I’ve made a small applet called AeroCycle anyway,to cycle Aero on/off automagically a few times.

You can download it here.

It can also be used from the command line using

AeroCycle <cycles> [delay]

where delay is in milliseconds.
Source are included in the zip file and released in public domain.

Of course, it works on Windows Vista only.

Update: Beta nVidia drivers 185.20 downloaded from LaptopVideo2Go seem to have solved the problem!