Patch for ScummVM on NDS

· March 13, 2008

I always loved playing old adventures (specially Day of the Tentacle). And playing them on the Nintendo DS is just fantastic.

But, the current version of ScummVM has a scaling scheme (to adapt 320×200 adventures to the 256×192 screens) which is quite odd – you can choose a dynamic scaled version or a 200% scaled version. I find a 100% scaled to be the best however. So I removed the “force 200% zoom on zoomed screen” option and implemented three radio buttons for “Dynamic Zoom”, “Zoom 100%” and “Zoom 200%” : Zoom 100% is the new one I recommend (although it’s not the default).

I’ve tested only builds A and F (with Day of the Tentacle and Legend of Kyrandia 1); also I had to remove Mp3 support because I was missing libmad for nds. Patches has been submitted to Sourceforge.

You can download either .NDS builds or .DS.GBA builds . USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

EDIT : It seems the patch will probably be included in future official builds of ScummVM DS. As soon as official release is available, I will remove the binaries and re-edit this text once again.

And now some screenshots (taken with the phone camera…) :

Day of the tentacleDay of the tentacleLegend of Kyrandia 1Options screen