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23 Aug

DevIL.NET 1.1 !

I’ve released DevIL.NET 1.1.
It’s a small update for a small library ;)

Included in this version :

  • Fixed a bad bug when loading non true color images (above all GIFs)
  • Implemented a new LoadBitmapAndScale which allows for the bitmap to be scaled directly in DevIL.NET
  • Started to implement some error handling…
  • note: From version 1.1, DevIL.NET may require ILU.dll to be installed in addition to DevIL.DLL. Since having an additional DLL is always a burden, ILU.dll is loaded dinamically and it’s not required unless the scale/resize feature is used ;)

Also the Visual C++ project is available for download now.

Go get it here! ;)

update:I’ve found a small bug in the LoadAndScale function (the filter setting is set after the scaling which is kinda stupid… Will be fixed later today :)

update 2:Bug fixed! ;)

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22 Aug

Code Snippet I : Wrapper for CLR string to native string marshalling

A frequent (too much frequent) need in Managed C++ is going from System::String objects to char* or wchar_t* strings. The boring side of the marshalling is that the memory allocated with the StringToHGlobalxxx functions should be freed with a matching call to FreeHGlobal.

The solution is simple : using the power of C++ destructors we can create a temporary object for the entire time we need the string. Whenever the object goes out of scope, the string is automagically freed.

You can find the code (released to public domain) here.

Please note that assignments (and copy-constructor) are disabled (they are in an empty private method) to preserve the destruction safety (the free is thus execute once and only once).

As an example you can do :

void mystrcpy(char* dest, const System::String __gc* source)
strcpy(dest, StringAutoMarshal(source));

with no need to manage the marshalling manually.

18 Aug

Comments on pages!

I’ve added comments on pages :D
Also I’ve moved comments about pages which were in the announcements to the proper pages ;)

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